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Guide installation

FAQ Installation

for the M4 PERSONAL installation folder, choose a path name which does not contains blank spaces or special characters. As such, the default installation path cannot be (C:\Program Files).

If the installation file does not execute properly once you have unzipped it, this may be because you are not logged in with Administrator privileges. You must have Administrator privileges to install new software.

If this is the case, check to make sure that the directory C:\temp exists on your machine and is writable. If not, create the directory and try again.

If the software extraction process terminates after reaching 100% and the DOS error message “the system cannot find the specified path“ is displayed, please check whether your temp directory has a valid DOS name. Click on Start>Control Panel>System. In the dialog presented, click the “Advanced“ tab, then click the “Environment Variables” button and make sure that the variables TMP or TEMP don’t contain any special characters.

If your installation just seems to hang and take forever, or stops altogether, then you are probably not logged into your computer with Administrative privileges. During the M4 PERSONAL installation, the software has to make Windows system entries, which can lead to problems if access is denied. Please log in as Administrator and start the installation again.